4 Questions To Ask Before Picking An Auto Body Shop

The work that can be performed at a modern auto body shop is quite impressive. It's important, however, to think about more issues than just the quality of the work that'll be done. Here are four topics you should discuss with the professionals at a car body shop you're interested in dealing with.

How Integrated Are Their Services with Your Insurance Company?

While the vast majority of shops can process claims through most major insurance carriers, there are varying levels of integration. For example, many insurance carriers now have mobile apps that allow a trained technician to walk around the vehicle, snap photos, and provide estimates. If the shop's staff has access to this sort of app used by your insurance company, it can speed up the claims process significantly. Similarly, the shop will get paid faster, and that means the time necessary to conclude the case will be shorter.

Do They Provide Rental Vehicles?

It's not uncommon for an auto body shop to either have rental cars available or to be co-located with a rental business. That can make a huge difference, especially if you can't get a ride home after you've dropped off your car. Getting a rental from the shop will also make it easier because you can easily drop the rental vehicle off at the auto body shop and take your car back after the job is finished.

Are Their Customers' Vehicles Insured?

If something happens to your car while it's in the shop's possession, it's good to know that an insurance company will cover the damage. Car body shops are common targets for thieves, and you shouldn't assume that a fence, razor wire, and an angry dog will be sufficient deterrents to someone who wants to steal your ride. Similarly, damage can be done during the repair process, and that had better be covered.

How Are Vehicles Washed?

When auto body repair work is performed, it's not uncommon for products like paint and filler to be used. These can be vulnerable to further damage if too much friction is applied during cleaning. Ask what methods are used to clean customers' cars. Likewise, it's wise to ask how long it will be before you can use a friction-heavy process, such as going to an automated car wash. Also, inquire about what sorts of cleaners you should use to wash the paint to avoid damaging, pealing, or staining the finish.

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