Why Do I Need To Have My Car's Wheels Aligned?

Proper upkeep of your vehicle is a must if you want it to last and if you want to be a safe driver. While some car maintenance needs are easier to remember, like getting regular oil changes and paying for a yearly inspection of your car, others are sometimes forgotten. You need to make sure that your wheels are aligned properly. If you haven't gotten new tires in a while, it may be time to check to see that your wheels are aligned. Keep reading to better understand why you need to have your car's wheels aligned: 

What Is Wheel Alignment and How Often Should It Be Done? 

Wheel alignment is a maintenance service that will adjust the wheel suspension, which is the system that connects to your vehicle's wheels. This will adjust the angle of the tires and change how the tires hit the road when you drive. Generally, this service should be done 1-2 times per year. If you drive a lot more or are driving on roads that are in poor condition, your mechanic may suggest that you do this even more often. Getting your wheels aligned is a must if you want to be safe, minimize repair costs and breakdowns, and if you want to have an even wear on your tires. 

What Are Some of the Signs of Needing an Alignment?

  • Uneven wear on your tires
  • The steering wheel is off-center when driving at the 12 o'clock position
  • You feel your car drifting side to side when driving 
  • Squealing tires 

What Are Some of the Benefits of Wheel Alignment: 

  • Wheel alignment can help you increase fuel efficiency: The more your car has to work, the more fuel it will use. A proper alignment will minimize your vehicle's engine use, which will help your car be more fuel-efficient on a regular basis.
  • This can also improve safety: When your wheels and tires are working properly, you'll experience fewer car issues while on the road. No one wants to deal with unexpected car repairs or breakdowns.
  • Makes for a smoother ride: When you get your wheels aligned, you'll notice that driving is easier and smoother. You won't feel your car drift to the side. 
  • Minimize repair costs: When your alignment is correct, there will be less wear and tear on other parts in your car. When you forget to deal with alignment or put it off, you may have to deal with repairs more often, which can get quite pricey.

Don't ignore the need to get your wheels aligned. If you need this service done soon, contact a local auto repair shop. 

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