Tips To Help You Keep A Grip When Driving On Snow-Covered Roads

Snow on the roads causes many, many accidents every year. You can't do anything to help other drivers get through the snow without crashing into you, but you can prepare yourself for the slippery surfaces and avoiding the impacts of others sliding out of control. Here, you'll find a few tips to help you get a better grip when driving on snow-covered roads.

Buy the Best Snow Tires

A lot of people make the mistake of buying snow tires that aren't the best. Sure, if you don't plan on driving very much, they may do OK getting you around, but if you're stuck commuting several miles to work each day, you'll want the best snow tires on your car before the first flake falls.

You have two options to help you find the best snow tires: do your own research by reading customer and professional reviews about the products, or talk with the salesperson that you're buying the tires from. A lot of times, when you're shopping online, you can chat directly with a salesperson or you can send an email or call them up on the phone. No matter how you communicate, they can tell you which tires would be the best at performing in the snow for the type of car that you drive.

Take a Winter Driver Safety Course

Have you ever really learned how to drive in the snow? Sure, you've gotten around this long, but do you feel confident when you're behind the wheel and six inches of snow has fallen? Confidence is key to driving safely in the snow. When you take a winter driver safety course, you'll learn how to navigate when your car begins to spin out, you'll learn how to maneuver around other cars that are sliding out of control and you'll how to better make controlled stops even when the roads are coated in ice and snow.

Note: Completing this course can also provide you with a discount on your auto insurance premiums. This is a course that every single teen learning how to drive should take, not just for their own safety, but for everyone else that's on the roads.

Plan your Route Carefully

If you're driving the same route daily, you know what areas are likely to be worse than others. If you know that there's a steep hill that's always treacherous, try to find an alternative route. Some townships, boroughs, and states keep the roads in better condition, so travel through those areas as much as possible.

Hopefully, these tips will help to keep you safe as you make your away around through the worse weather of the year. Contact your local car tire shop today to learn more. 

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